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Bubble Browser is the ultimate app
for browsing your Evernote data

Bubble Browser is a visual metaphor for browsing and searching your data.
Tags, notebooks and dates are presented as colorful and differently sized bubbles
that expose most important information in any context.
Bubble Browser iPhone

Bubble Browser iPhone

We’re experimenting with an iPhone app.
We’ll let you know when it launches.

Essential Evernote Addon. In my opinion this is a fantastic and essential tool for Evernote lovers. Get it now!
***** HatePlusNet (Mac App Store UK)

Good Stuff (…) I now use Evernote for ‘racking and stacking’ my notes, and Bubble Browser as my primary tool for note retrieval.
***** Mabpetroc (Mac App Store US)

쉽고 직관적이에요 사용하고 있는 노트와 태그 들의 사용빈도를 쉽고 직관적으로 시각해 주어요^^
***** 낮선 조루 (Mac App Store South Korea)

Awesome! So, this app is *very* cool. Just get it.
***** cahclt (Mac App Store US)

Bubble Browser for iPad
Download on the App Store
for iPad
Best Mobile Or App Startup 2014Evernote DevCup Winner 2013
  • Bubble Browser for iPad

    Wider perspective

    Your tags, dates and notebooks seen as colorful bubbles. It makes browsing your notes more effective than traditional approach.

    Easier interaction

    Just tap any bubble to see and discover new connections between your notebooks, dates and tags. Double tap to filter.

  • Bubble Browser for iPad


    We have designed an innovative, “fisheye like” search interface that allows you to efficiently browse through your tags and search your notebooks or dates. It is extremely fast and fun to use.

    Easy access

    Just swipe your finger at the left edge of iPad and fisheye search will pop-up, presenting its contents alphabetically. Simple as that.

  • Bubble Browser for iPad

    Tap any bubble

    Highlight connected information by single tapping any bubble. Seeing how your notes are related, reveals their context.

    Tap even more

    Tap other bubbles. Tap on empty area to reset selection. Bubbles that are not connected with each other are darkened, so you can focus on what’s most important.

  • Bubble Browser for iPad

    Double tap

    Related bubbles gravitate towards each other when double tapped. To ungroup bubbles, double tap outside.

    Drill down

    Try experimenting with adding and removing other bubbles to the group by double-tapping them, thus filtering your notes even further. Watch how bubbles attract each other and assemble new groups of information in an organic way.

  • Bubble Browser for iPad

    Tap any thumbnail

    Simply tap any note thumbnail to see its contents.

Watch Bubble Browser for iPad on Vimeo

Bubble Browser for OS X
Download on the Mac App Store
for OS X
  • Bubble Browser OSX
  • Bubble Browser OSX
  • Bubble Browser OSX
  • Bubble Browser OSX
  • Bubble Browser OSX
  • Bubble Browser OSX
  • Bubble Browser OSX


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