As students, they should have as much experience as possible to improve their abilities. You can take part in the student exchange program 2020 which can be useful for personal and educational purposes. Moreover, you can add knowledge about the outside world and also the culture of other countries.

You can also improve foreign language skills and get various other interesting opportunities. There are many student exchange programs depending on the country you are going to and the programs offered. Here is the student exchange program 2020 that you can choose:

1.     The Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth (JENESYS Program)

This program is a Japanese government program that is specifically for students and young people in Asia. This activity requires around 6000 young people from abroad to Japan each year. Its mission is to promote tolerance and friendship with Japanese youth.

The students and young people will stay for 10 days in Japan to take part in various public programs in Tokyo. Then, they join to take part in local programs, for example visiting schools and also homes. The program also offers activities that combine exchanges and training between students and youth.

2.     Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES)

The program provides scholarships for high school students from countries with large Muslim populations in the world. Selected students will spend 1 academic year in the United States. The student will live with American families (host families) and high school in America.

In addition, they will also participate in many activities to study America more deeply. They will also participate in leadership activities that help young Americans to learn about the culture of other countries.

3.     Encompass Trust

The next student exchange program 2020 is Encompass Trust. To counter negative stereotypes, the Encompass Trust brings together participants who come from different cultures, religions, and communities. The countries involved in this activity are Britain, America, Indonesia, Palestine, and Israel.

For 10 days the participants will take part in discussions, cultural presentations, and outbound outdoor activities. The program, which has existed since 2003, was held in London and Wales or Scotland.

4.     Youth for Understanding (YFU)

YFU is an international non-profit organization with educational programs in 64 countries. This organization is the oldest and also the largest organization in the whole world because it has existed since 1951. Moreover, YFU international programs provide many benefits for students around the world.

This event focuses on culture because learning culture is a very good way to improve youth skills in a global society. A large number of countries participating in this program makes this program more interesting. In addition, it can also get to know the culture of countries in the world.

5.     Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP)

The main mission of this program is to strengthen the relationship between young people living in 10 ASEAN countries. Students and youth will strengthen international collaboration and practical skills. This program can also train their leadership skills in various fields in a globalized society.

As the name of this program, the ship is a medium or means of transportation provided for this program. So while on the ship, students and young people can share stories and also get to know each other. However, they will also visit several countries through this program.

There are many student exchange programs that you can take next year. Therefore, you should not miss the student exchange program 2020 and start searching for a lot of information about this. Start preparing yourself and also the documents that will be a requirement when you register for this program.