Higher education is very important to all of us. In order to get that, people are willing to find the best institution. Asia, as the biggest continent in the world, also provides the best institution for higher education. So, people can now turn their eyes to the best universities in Asia.

Best universities in asia

According to the 2019 ranking data, Japan is leading by having 103 universities. While in the second place is China with 72 institutions. Other countries like India, Hong Kong, and Singapore also follow the first two. In this article, we will give you 5 best universities in Asia for your reference. Let’s check out below list:

1. China – Tsinghua University

Established in 1911, Tsinghua University committed to having a multidisciplinary system. Besides, this university considers as one of the most elite universities in China. Only selected and prominent students can join the institution. Furthermore, most of their graduated student has become a national or international influencer. Especially, in politics.

Tsinghua University enhances research and direct application of nuclear technology since the institution also opens the subject in 1950. Moreover, nuclear technology has become one of the most favorite subjects at university. No wonder that China now emerging with their nuclear technology.

2. Singapore – National University of Singapore (NUS)

You can say Singapore is a tiny little country, but they consider education is pivotal. That is why Singapore has one of the best universities in Asia. Located in Kent Ridge, Southwest Singapore, this institution is the oldest institution in the country.

The NUS implement British-style teaching method and US-style score credits for their degree requirements. Furthermore, the institution is famous for their achievement in engineering, technology, and most importantly entrepreneurship. They even enhance innovation and technopreneurship to support the entrepreneurship program.

3. Hong Kong – University of Hong Kong

Established in 1911, the University of Hong Kong has very selective admission. Only 12 applications for every place will be received for international students. But, this university also plays a big role in medical advancement. This institution possesses the best researcher for coronavirus, the main cause of respiratory disease, SARS.

4. Hong Kong – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Since their establishment in 1991, the institution has been considered one of the best universities in Asia. The institution takes a focus on technology, science, social science, and engineering. Also, focusing on humanity and management and business. The library is breathtaking; the collections are more than 720,000 prints. This also includes an old map of China as well as the rest of Asia.

5. Japan – University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo is the Japanese favorite institution for higher education. It has several campuses spreading all over the country such as in Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa, Shirokane, and Nakano. Since its establishment in 1870, this university is one of the oldest institutions in the country. And, the best. Japanese litterateur and Nobel winning Yasunari Kawabata is graduated from this university.

See, people don’t have to Europe or America anymore just to get higher education. You can try to join these best universities in Asia for your future education. Besides, by studying in Asia, you will have a chance to study in a beautiful and friendly land.