Reading is one of the most important things you should have in this modern century. This can be the pillar to get more experience, knowledge, and everything essential for your life. Nowadays, people usually teach their children to know how to reading before they enter school. But how about the illiterate adults? People usually ask how to teach reading to illiterate adults because it was not that easy.

However, people, when getting old and being an adult, will have a lot of activities to do. It makes them think it will be better to get the money rather than study how to read. It can be our biggest problem to erase the illiterate adult but we don’t have to give up. Here are some of the best ways how to teach reading to illiterate adults we can give.

1. Explain Them The Importance of Reading

If you want to teach illiterate adults the first thing you should do is make sure they understand the importance of reading. You can give them several reasons like they can open half of the world, or they can know to teach their child. Besides, you can also link what they want with what they can get if they know how to read.

2. Start to Teach Them the Alphabet

After they decide to study how to read, you can start with the simplest thing, the alphabet. You can use the poster or the alphabet song to make them remember what you give. Also, you can compare the alphabet with how it sounds in the usual language. Above all, you should give them the understanding to keep learning because it will a little bit bored.

3. Teach Sounds

If you think they already know enough about the shape of the alphabet, you can teach them the sound. In this case, try to compare one vocal alphabet with nonvocal like “ba bi bu be bo” or something else. This is important to make them remember the sounds and the difference between each alphabet. If you think they are good enough, then add one phrase again.

4. Teach Sight Words

The next step after they know about how the sound of two or more alphabet in teaching sight words. It will be a little harder than before because you should teach them the diverge of spelling. For example, you can start with the words “father”, “again”, and “teach”. Make sure you tell them to spell it with writing.

5. Build Vocabulary

If you have done all of these steps, the last thing you should teach them is to build a vocabulary. You can tell them to read one simple book like a children’s storybooks. Above all, don’t forget to warn them to read this book in an hour before they sleep. Much more they want to read a book, it will give a better result.

These are some simple tips on how to teach reading to illiterate adults you can do. The first thing you should remember while teach them is always being patient and calm. Make sure you build a good environment so they will stand to study with you every day.