Homeschooling sometimes is an answer to the kid’s needs. Each kid has their own characteristics and maybe only parents who know what their needs. Parents asking how much does homeschooling cost, but to answer it you need to know what the homeschooling actually needs. Here is the explanation.

1. Curriculum

The most expensive spend on homeschooling is to purchase the curriculum need. Some studies said that each year parents must spend $350-$750 per kid. This is a big number. But there are also some tricks you can do to reduce the cost. For example, you can use Khan Academy or another free course to give your kid’s curriculum management.

Then you can buy some used curriculum from online sources. The curriculum is like a frame of your homeschooling. So it makes sense if the price is also high. Moreover, you need to find the most match curriculum with your kid’s characteristics and needs. The reason is that it is the main purpose of choosing to homeschool. You can choose the most suitable for your kids and not push them to follow the common curriculum used in school.

2. Materials

After purchasing the curriculum, you will need books and some additional sources for learning. Sometimes you also need to buy multimedia learning to make the learning process easier.

The average cost of this need is about $150-$300. You can cut it by using used books, rent them, or borrow from the library. There is also a lot of multimedia or video for learning which is free on the internet. But first, make sure it contains the right material.

3. Fieldtrips

The third thing that may be a big question of how much does homeschooling costs is because the kids must have a field trip like a school do. Homeschooling families often spend $100-$250 for this need. This is still reasonable because a whole family also can spend their time together.

This can be a great way to have quality time while learning something new. You can go to a botanical garden, or park near your house to learn about nature. Or goes to the planetarium to see the solar system and stars. This field trip can be done twice a year if the location is far or must purchase expensive tickets to go there. Make sure that the most important thing before deciding where to go is knowing whether the field trip location is relatable or not with your kid’s needs.

4. Extracurricular

The other needs of homeschooling kids are extracurricular activities. It depends on what your kid likes, so the number may vary. To answer how much does homeschooling cost for this need, some study said that approximately every kid spends $100-$500. They can join some sports club near the house, or music courses.

Ask them what they want to do then do research. So you will find the most suitable place for them to explore their ability and your budget.

5. Additional Cost

You still need some school supply even your kids not going to school. For example, buy a whiteboard, make some craft, books, pen, and etc. This can include additional cost which can value about $100-$200 according to your needs. Some school supplies also can be used for more than one kid, so you can reduce the spend here.

After listing the needs of homeschooling we can conclude that approximately the total cost of homeschooling each child in a year is about $700-$1800. If you are asking how much does homeschooling cost, those numbers may be an answer. But remember, this cost is different from each and another family.