It is undeniable that education is important, especially for children. Every child must receive an education. With education, not only a child could have more knowledge but also a social experience, manners, and more. One of the media how children could get an education is from schools. Parents always wanted to choose the best school system for their children.

Not all children get the same knowledge at the same age. This is because each country has its own school system. The different school system is because each country has a different culture, tradition, and environment that affect the system. From 2000 until 2018, Finland has become the country with the best school system. How come? Here are the best give reasons why:

1. Every Child is Equal

Here in Finland, the system treats every child equal. There are no gaps between the smart kid and the less smart kid. Also in Finland, students do need to go through any standardization tests. The teachers track overall progress to the students. The result is not everything here, because the progress is more important. However, there is one test for senior students at the upper-secondary school. It is a voluntary test.

2. Remove Competition with Cooperation

Rather than competing in each other, Finland prefers to cooperate with one another. The students do not compete with each other to be the top rank. Instead, they help each other to understand the material and finish the task together. Moreover, there are no top lists or ranks for students, teachers, and schools. This is one of the reasons why Finland has the best school system.

3. Being a Student in an Older Age

While other countries require kids to start school at the age of 4 to 6 years old, Finland does not. In Finland, kids are allowed to start school when they are minimal 7 years old. This is because they want to let the kid, to just be a kid and enjoy their childhood. As for the oblige years of study, students would only need 9 years of school.

4. Less stress, more Knowledge

Another reason why Finland has the best school system is that they pay attention to the student’s health and happiness. In Finland, school starts at about 09.00 until 09.45. They believe an earlier school would make students sleepy which could increase their stress and affect their study. Moreover, students would have more outdoor activities, less homework and enough break time during class time.

5. Pay a Big Attention to Teachers

Being a teacher in Finland is a serious job. This is probably one of the things in the education system that has a standard. The country puts a high requirement for people who want to be a teacher. They must graduate from a master’s degree first before applying. Finland pays a big attention to the teachers, to generate great teaching.

For more than 15 years, Finland is the country where it has the best school system. Students here would finish school without any pressure but having an excellent result. Not only the knowledge is important, but also happy and healthy students are.