Economics becomes an important part of human life, therefore economics is important to learn. In addition, the world of economics and business is very promising, so many people look for universities that have faculties of economics. The following are some of the best economic college in the world.

1. Harvard Business School (HBS)

This college is part of the Harvard University section in Boston, precisely in Massachusetts, United States. There are many things owned by this college to support learning, including publications that publish business books and online tools for company management.

At HBS, there are various programs available such as doctorates, MBAs, and Executive Education. Order than that t he College has more than 78 thousand alumni from various countries.

2. Stanford University

One of the best economics colleges in the world is Stanford University. Here, students can learn economics with the laws contained therein.Economic learning at Stanford is more focused on problems that occur in the real world.

Students must be able to solve problems and find solutions with deep and strong analysis. From there students can write down their research. Graduates of this college will certainly be glimpsed by multinational companies.

3. University of California

Located in Berkeley-United States, the Faculty of economics at the University of California is one of the best. Therefore, this College is very good in developing the economy. This is why the University of California is known as the best instructor.

In addition there are the majority of graduates who can lead in this field. Therefore, there have been many achievements of this tertiary institution. The award was in the form of a Nobel Prize, 23 Alfred P. Sloan Research Scholarships, and five John Bates Clark medals.

4. London School of Economy and Political Science

This college is one of the best economics colleges in the world. There are about 50 lecturers who teach and more than 1000 students studying at this college. The College always leads in the field of faculty research and occupies the top 20 faculties of economics in the world.

In addition there are Chris Prissarides is a professor there and he was the Nobel laureate in economics in 2010. The London School of Economy presents undergraduate and master level education programs. The research activities at the tertiary institution are incorporated from around seven research institutions which are members of the LSE research center.

5. Chicago School of Economy

The Chicago School of Economy is part of the University of Chicago, located in Chicago, United States. Besides being able to behave as producers and consumers, students at this university must be able to determine prices and others.

This college prepares students to have the basic abilities regarding prediction to face real life. Students at this college develop their abilities by explaining their research on paper. Students will have a smooth presentation when they can support their success in the world of work.

6. Cambridge University

This college is the oldest university in the UK which has around 15 million books. Moreover, there are 8 million books that have been officially registered in the university library. In addition, the research activities of lecturers and students work together in research groups to support each other.

Even so, students can still take a large role in the economy or the area of ​​interest of the research activity. The research groups include research in the field of econometrics. In addition there are also microeconomic theories, macroeconomic, economic history, empirical microeconomics and alternative approaches.

The explanation above is about some of the best economic colleges in the world. Which in every college has a good vision and mission to create quality graduates. Some of the above economic colleges can be choices for continuing education.