Math is important to learn, whatever the future occupation would be. Kids would even start to learn math since they are playground and kindergarten. During that era, learning math would still be fun because it is still the beginning. However, when entering elementary school, the second grade, the math lesson would be starting to get real and difficult. That is why whether parents and teachers should find fun ways to learn math for 2nd graders.

During their young age, kids should often learn and study. At that age, kids are easy to learn and understand new things. Kids would not only be learning in school. Sometimes at home or at a lesson. Moreover, learning does not always have to with books or only with numbers for math. There are many fun methods that parents or teachers could find. Here are some fun ways to learn math for 2nd graders that parents could provide.

1. The Painting Corn Game

The first game parents could provide for their kids is the painting corn game. Not only they could learn about math, but also, they could play physical activity and creativity as well. Parents should provide some corn, paints, and paper. After that, let kids paint the corns with colorful paints. Next, let them roll the corn all over the paper. The paper would then have small patterns with colorful colors. Parents could then help the kids do counting, addition, subtraction, and even dividing.

2. Measuring Activity

Kids in second grade would learn about measuring such as scales, rulers, and other measuring tapes.  To create a fun activity at home, try to invite the kids to measure their favorite items at home. Also, provide some measuring items that are cute or colorful. As another idea, they could also play colorful sands and divide and measure it using a scale. It is fun, a little bit dirty but educational.

3. I Spy Numbers Games

The other fun ways to learn math for 2nd grades are by playing games and in colorful items. With playing I spy games, kids could learn to recognize big numbers. Invite kids to draw and color big numbers in different sizes. After that, ask kids to spy for the number that we speak. This is a fun and great way to increase the kid’s skill.

4. Playing Cards: Risky Math

The next fun ways to learn math for 2nds grade are by playing games with cards. One of the games that kids with the whole family could play. Divide the cards to the players with every 10 cards, with the face position laying down. Players should then pick their cards and calculate it until it totals 25. The first person to succeed to have 25 wins the first score.

5. Finding the Missing Digits Game

Another game that parents could create for their kids is finding the missing digits game. In this game, parents should prepare a big paper with some tables in it and some numbers. Moreover, kids would try to search for the numbers that are missing in four-digit numbers!

There are many fun ways to learn math for 2nd graders that parents could provide for their kids. One of the methods is playing games. Starting with card games, outdoor activities, and others.