Europe has become the most place to go to continue the study. No matter you want to take an undergraduate degree, a master, or even a Ph.D. Europe has a lot of world-class universities and research institutions. Moreover, people who have studied in Europe, they got an interesting cultural experience. Thus, there is no hesitation anymore not to continue your studies here. If you are confused about choosing the right place, in this article, you will find several best universities in Europe.

Best universities in europe

If you search on the internet, you might find the rank system for universities around the world. By scrolling the list, you will find almost a half from that list comes from Europe. It proves that the university from Europe has a high-performance and very competitive. Whether you plan for science or social study, universities in Europe gives you the best learning system. Here are the best universities in Europe to be considered:

1. University of Oxford

No one can deny Oxford as one of the best universities in Europe. This university has served the best education since the 13th century. If you are looking for the biggest library in the UK, then Oxford is the answer. Within a million books inside, you can get rich sources. Also, Oxford has galleries and museums too.

2. University of Cambridge

Just like the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge was also established in the 13th century. This is the right place if you want a unique learning experience. Because Cambridge has many traditions for their students. As a public research university, Cambridge is the best place for your thesis.

3. ETH Zurich

People who want to continue to study in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering, should choose ETH Zurich as their university. This institution has produced more than 20 Nobel winners, including the famous Albert Einstein. The culture is absolutely interesting because almost half of its student comes from abroad. You will get a perfect discussion with various perspectives here.

4. UCL

At first, established in London, UCL was the first university that accepted students without seeing religious background. Its education center is in London, but UCL has a satellite campus in Doha, Qatar. Since 2006, UCL joined the League of European Research University, came along with Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College London.

5. Imperial College London

It is the only university that focuses on science, engineering, business, and medicine. So, if you really focus on your study among those majors, you should apply to Imperial College London. Its consistency shows in the number of its investments. The university supports researches, innovation, and partnerships. Every year, Imperial College London serves many students from more than a hundred countries.

The beauty of learning in Europe is you can study whatever you want. All the best universities in Europe offer you options of majors. Furthermore, if you are looking for a scholarship, Europe has many scholarship programs. The target is various, such as for a research grant, living cost, and other system. This is what makes education in Europe is affordable with high quality compared to the other continent.