In this modern era, you can easily get knowledge from many sides, especially for science. We know is science, there is a periodic table that must be memorized by science students. In fact, it is not easy to memorize. Many science students get difficulties in memorizing the periodic table. But don’t be worry, because there are some shortcuts to learn about the periodic table. What are them? Let’s check on the following explanations about the shortcut to learn periodic table.

Shortcut to learn periodic table

What does the periodic table means actually? A periodic table is the table of elements completed by their atom’s name, Symbol, Number, and also weight. Commonly, the periodic table is used to solving chemical reactions. For some students, the periodic table is an important material to memorize. Therefore, they are working hard to memorize the periodic table. Indeed, now they are able to use the following shortcut to learn periodic table easily.

1. Combine The Initial Of A Group Become One Name

The first shortcut to learn periodic table is by the combination of the initial. It is difficult to memorize the name one by one without doing a shortcut. Therefore, you need to try this shortcut. What you need to do is take the initial minimize two or one characters of each element in a group. Next, try to make a name by those initials. For example, we can choose group one which consists of Hydrogen and friends. Then, memorize the group by the combination name of the initials such as Ha Li Na K Rb Csey Fryad. You may make your own name as creative as you can with your own language.

2. Make A Periodic Song

Except for making a group of the initials, we also can make a song from periodic elements. The song might include any kinds of rhythms and intonations. Especially, if you have your favorite song, you might combine the song with periodic elements. Therefore, you will be easy to memorize the elements of the periodic table.

The important thing that you should not pass in memorizing the periodic table, is the atom’s number, weight, symbol, and also number. That information is very important to memorize except for the name of each element.

3. Divided The Elements By group

Wondering the shortcut to learn periodic table is not as easy as we think. Sometimes, we face difficulties in memorizing the elements of the periodic table. Therefore, we need to have a special shortcut to memorize easier. If we can see, the periodic table divided the elements by square and box. Moreover, they have different colors based on the group of the elements.

Indeed, we can get benefit from memorizing them by memorizing the color first. Memorize them in turn by determining the group. Then, make the name of each group with the additional information about the elements.

That is the information about shortcut to learn periodic table. You may find another way as creative as you can as long as the information of the elements is right.