Not many people get to be a student at Ivy Leagues Universities in the United States. Therefore, those of you who want to become students at Ivy Leagues Universities must prepare many things. For example, you should know about how to be accepted at Ivy Leagues Universities.

Ivy Leagues Universities is a term that refers to 8 prestigious universities that are synonymous with academic perfection and elitism. The universities are the most prestigious university in the US and are almost always in the top rank. Here are 5 tips on how to be accepted at Ivy Leagues Universities:

1.     Consistency in Developing Interests and Talents

A person who develops his interests and talents shows that he is someone who is knowledgeable and consistent. This is certainly important rather than having good grades. Therefore, you must be able to be consistent in developing your interests and talents.

You can ask your teacher to give a detail description of your commitment to developing your interests and talents. This is because the Ivy Leagues universities will request a letter of recommendation from your teacher.

2.     Personal Statement

You must write a personal statement about what you are keen in, so you want to apply for a particular course. You must tell a very strong reason why you want to apply to a particular major.

The admission officer wants to know who you are through this paper. Therefore, you can also tell about yourself in this paper. For example, you can tell what activities you do to spend time, or what motivates your life.

3.     Have a Great Test Score

How to be accepted at Ivy League Universities is you must have a great test score. In addition, you must have a very good school grade. Ivy League universities will see your last 4-year report grades, or when you are 9th and 12th grade.

You must also prepare good grades for ACT / SAT and IELTS / TOEFL. Therefore, if you want to be a student at Ivy League universities, you must have a strong English foundation.

4.     Showing Interest In The University

Before you enroll in a particular university, you should get a lot of information about the school environment. This can help you make a good personal statement. For example, you show your interest in a university because you like the environment.

You must be able to make sure that you are truly serious and eager to take the course. You can show this seriousness through an essay or during an interview session.

5.     Be Yourself

Everyone who enrolls in an Ivy League universities must be all-smart, but how to be accepted at Ivy Leagues Universities? Therefore, it is important for you to be yourself if you want to apply to Ivy League universities. This can help you become someone unique and different among many registrants.

You don’t need to overdo yourself in making essays about yourself. The selector can find out whether there is an exaggerated impression on you or not. So, you can promote yourself according to the capabilities you have.

Those are 5 tips on how to be accepted at Ivy Leagues universities. After knowing these tips, you can prepare yourself as early as possible. Hopefully, this information will be useful for those of you who want to become students at Ivy Leagues Universities.