Education can be reached from many sides. Hence, we can learn from many things in many ways without any difficulties. Not only in school, but we can get much knowledge from others also such as from education web service. Today, there are many web series that provide education material include any kind of knowledge. Besides, there are also free education web services such as the following example.

1. EdX Education Web Service

There are many kinds of education web services that exist among societies like this education web service is founded by Harvard University and also MIT in 2012. Of course, as well as Harvard, this education web service provides great things and knowledge. It can say that is a high-quality education web service with a high-quality course based on the best university in the world. Therefore, many students interested in accessing this education web. Besides, also include in the top global rankers.

2. Academic Earth Education Web Service

The second of free education web services is almost the same as the previous education web service, academic earth also provide interesting knowledge like engineering, behavioral psychology, and others. If Edx is related to Harvard University, while academic earth has a relation with oxford university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. This education web service provides interesting videos and podcasts based on the interest level of the students.

3. Internet Achieve Education Web Service

Different from the academic earth and Edx, the Internet achieves or is a library website that archives web stories from many big websites. Hence, many people, especially students interest to visit to download the free book directly. Students are able to access many kinds of books in any knowledge by free. By visiting this website, we can get any kind of book in various genres. Therefore, we will learn and get knowledge easier than usual. Moreover, we can learn many things by visiting

4. Big Think Education Web Service

As the explanation above, there are many educational websites that provide interesting material for learning including big think. Big think is one of the education web services which have 2000 fellows. As great as others, provides an educational article that is written by the expert. Besides, the student can also make their own ideology, an opinion in line with the material given on the website. On the other hand, big think provides authentic material which can give many knowledge and important for the students.

5. Coursera Education Web Service

However, also provides an interesting thing for the students. Indeed, they can make their own forum in learning and discussing some materials. Not only the discussion forum, but Coursera also provides the lecturer video with a complete explanation including the exercise. Thought the exercise, students are able to practice more and get more knowledge.

From those 5 free education web services, we can learn anything easier than usual. It means that knowledge is not only coming from school and course, but it is also possible to get knowledge from the website.